Dialling parameter

The dialling parameters are used to convert internal phone numbers to external phone numbers and vice-versa. They are necessary for correct assignment of phone numbers to users.

Choose the connection type Extension or ISDN external line according to how the UM system is connected with the telephone network.

Enter the phone number of the ISDN gateway that provides access to the telephone network. This is usually the telephone system to which your ISDN card is connected:




Country code (without preceding ‘0’, ‘00’ or ‘+’)


Area code (without the preceding ‘0’)


Main phone number


Maximum length of extension numbers (fax or voicemail)


Dial code for external line


Enter the maximum number of digits that can be used for UM extension numbers. If your fax extensions, for example, have 5 digits, and the central voicemail number has 3 digits, enter a 5 here.

Advanced dialling parameters

The advanced dialling parameters are usually determined correctly. You only have to make configurations if internal telephone numbers and telephone numbers that can be reached externally are of different length: In this case, set Manual entry.

  • Length of internal number in the extension range: The longest extension number (e.g.: 12345) = 5.

  • Total length of number without area code: The sum of the longest extension number (e.g.: 12345) and main number (e.g.: 840798) = 11.

If your telephone system sends unknown as telephone number type, you must specify if the signalled telephone numbers get the numbers for the external line prefix or not.

The following check boxes are available:

  • Signalled number contains external line prefix (incoming)

  • Signalled number contains external line prefix (outgoing).


Specify the maximum number of channels to be used by which services. This does not mean that this number of channels is reserved for the respective service.

Number of channels for: all services, receiving faxes, sending faxes, voicemails, voicemail player.

Advanced settings


Only change these settings when advised to do so by product support.

Advanced settings are optional and only required in special cases. If desired or required by your company structure, you can use Add to specify additional parameters, depending on the telephone system:





Timeout for disconnection


Prefix for the area code


Timeout for disconnection


Overlapping main phone numbers


External phone number resolution


Prefix for external international calls


Language independent country code


Prefix for external local calls


Service type for sending faxes

Audio = 3.1 kHz Audio
Fax = Fax Gruppe 3


You can obtain additional parameters and values from product support. They will find out together with you, which parameters are useful for the corresponding circumstances and which values will result in a solution to the issue.

Click Apply to save the selected parameter with the set values or Cancel to discard the entries. You will return to the General UM settings. You can now add further additional parameters, modify existing ones via Edit or delete parameters with Remove. Click Save again to accept the selected parameters with the set values.

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