Wizard for initial setup


Watch our video tutorial: Installation and initial setup wizard.

  1. When opening the Web Administration for the first time, the wizard for initial setup will start. First, the language for the Web Administration can be set to German or English here. Furthermore, the standard language of the users and the voicemail system can be set to German, English, French or Italian:


  1. If a license file downloaded from online license management (see www.c4b.com > SERVICE > License management) is already available, you can upload it now. You can also activate the present license code later online in the Web Administration. (If when opening the site for calling the license https://license.c4b.de/Olive2 a time-out arises in Internet Explorer, check the browser’s security settings and, if necessary, include this URL in a trustworthy zone.)


  1. Specify on this page, which functions of the XPhone Connect Solution you want to use:


  1. The dialling parameter can be entered on the next page. If there are several locations, additional dialling parameters can be entered later in the Web Administration.


  1. You can then switch on the telephone system used for the CTI function via CSTA or TAPI. Consider the connection documentation of the respective telephone systems.


  1. Specify if faxes or voicemails are to be sent to the users via e-mail. In order to send e-mail notifications about missed calls, the external e-mail server is required.


  1. The following options are available for creating users:

    • Create the users manually later. In this case, the wizard is not active.

    • Have the wizard create an Active Directory connector which is not however executed yet

    • Have the wizard create an Active Directory connector which is executed immediately. The users are created immediately from the Active Directory. Please note that by choosing this option, users are created without filters from the Active Directory in XPhone Connect Server with the result that licenses may be debited at this stage.

  2. Finally, a summary of the initial setup configuration is shown and you can go directly to the Web Administration.

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