You can make the security settings here:

  • UM services accept all messages.

  • Um services accept only messages of these email servers.

    Enter the IP addresses or host names of the email servers here whose messages are accepted by UM services. Then click Add and Save.

Advanced settings


Only change these settings when advised to do so by product support.

Advanced settings are optional and only required in special cases. If desired or required by your company structure, you can use Add to specify additional parameters, depending on the telephone system: Change these settings only when instructed to do so by product support:





Defines the default user language for UM.

DE: German EN: English


Defines the duration until log files can be overwritten in days.

5: Tage (Default)


Only set by product support!



You can obtain additional parameters and values from product support. They will find out together with you, which parameters are useful for the corresponding circumstances and which values will result in a solution to the issue.

Click Apply to save the selected parameter with the set values or Cancel to discard the entries. You will return to the General UM settings. You can now add further additional parameters, modify existing ones via Edit or delete parameters with Remove. Click Save again to accept the selected parameters with the set values.

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