In this chapter you will learn which information you should initially provide in a support ticket so that your partner or C4B can help you solve the problem as quickly as possible.


  • For end customers

    In case of problems, please contact your C4B partner. End customers do not receive direct support from C4B.

  • For C4B Partner

    If you have any problems, please contact

  • For Deutsche Telekom

    In case of problems, please contact your Remote Service Center.


Take a look at the CSM web tools, which offer a range of useful functions.

General information

This information is generally required by support for every support case:

  • System ID (XID) (you can find this on the XPhone Connect Server-Web Administration start page)

  • XPhone Server and Client version

  • Since when does the behaviour occur (was there an update etc. change of settings)?

  • Has it worked before?

  • How does the behaviour occur and where does it happen?

  • Is this behavior sporadic, or too completely reproducible?

  • Is only one user / one location affected or are all users affected?

Problem-related information

Depending on the topic, we need more specific information:

  • PBX system (incl. version)

  • Information on the system environment (operating systems (server and client, bit size), virus scanner, etc.)

  • Version of Outlook / Exchange / Notes

  • Headset (for softphone)

  • Ist the XCC outsourced?

In most cases, additional log files are needed for analysis. Depending on the topic, we need the appropriate files. Here are a few general examples:

Theme of the ticket

Required log files

CSTA/TAPI telephony (CTI)

CTI gateway (landline gateway)

Fax, Voicemail, SMS

Unified Messaging Log and if necessary XCAPI Log

Softphone/AnyDevice/(Web-)Meeting (signaling)

XCC and SIP gateway Log

Softphone Mobile

XCC and SIP gateway Log , Mobile Log and Wireshark Trace

Which administrator has changed something?

Section Logging > Changelog in the Web Administration.

Behaviours that occur within the client


Problems during (de)installation

All .txt-files under C:\Windows begins with C4B….


XCC and SIP gateway Log Eventlog (Module: Telephony Journal, Category “General” + Module: Telephony, category ‘Call data collection’ + TeamDesk module, Both categories) CTI gateway (landline gateway) (if desk phones are involved)

Mobile App

Mobile Log ( Client Log and Server Log) and login data of a (test) user including login URL.


Directory Log and Eventlog (Module: XPhone Connect Directory Category of Data Source Type / Client Interfaces)

The logs are also not mandatory at ticket opening, as we need different logs in more specific cases.

The information about which logs are needed and how to create them can be obtained from our support, if necessary.

If the log files exceed a size of 20MB, you can use our FTP upload to provide us with the files.

Use these access data for this purpose:

  • FTP-Server:

  • User: FTPSupport

  • Password: FTPSupport

Note that you cannot see the contents of the server. There is only write access.

We need feedback as soon as the files are uploaded. We also need the names of the transferred files to be able to map them to this ticket.


If you have created log files according to our instructions, please send us complete log files and not individual files or text excerpts For each log, we require an exact description of the event, which contains the time of the error, the involved phone numbers and the observed behaviour, etc.

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