Advanced search

The Advanced search will search users or lines in all locations and, in the process, find certain errors or security holes. Various search filters are available for this purpose. To open the Advanced search, click on the black magnifying glass in the top right (lens). A Search dialogue opens with the following search criteria/actions:

Possible actions

plus Remember selected entries:

All entries selected are added to the note list to enable actions to be carried out on users who are not on a certain page. The selection list is particularly helpful if the results list is several pages long. In this way, you have a better overview of the selected users. If you want to remove users from the selection list, click on the trash bin symbol next to the name in the selection list.

email Send e-mail:

You can write an e-mail asking all users to change their passwords, for example. To do this, select all users that should receive an e-mail and click Send e-mail. Your standard e-mail application opens and enters all users as recipients in the new e-mail.

block Block users:

Allows to lock the selected / highlighted users (without confirmation). If you call the Change user dialog, you can unlock the user again in the User account field.

anydevice AnyDevice configuration:

Opens the AnyDevice configuration wizard

Search criteria

  • Search by user, telephone number, fax number:

    • When selecting telephone numbers, users whose telephone number matches the entered search criterion are shown.

    • For example, when entering 25, all users whose telephone or fax number contains the number 25, such as 255 or 0891234567892525.

      • Actions: email anydevice

  • Search for users without lines:

    • The search for users without lines shows all users to whom a line has not been allocated.

      • Actions: email

  • Search for users inactive lines:

    • Search for users with inactive line displays all users whose line is currently inactive.

      • Actions: email

  • Search for users that do not meet the password policy:

    • This search allows you to find all users that currently do not meet the communicated password policy. Users to whom a password policy has not been assigned are not shown.

      • Actions: plus email block

  • Search for users that do not meet the Voicemail-PIN policy:

    • This search allows you to find all users that currently do not meet the communicated Voicemail PIN policy.

      • Actions: plus email block

Search result

For faster and more comfortable navigation, the links are integrated in the results list:

Go to user:
  • Click on the Name - Shows the data of the currently selected user.

Go to line:
  • Click on the Telephone number - Shows the data of the corresponding line.

Go to location/group:
  • Click on the Location - Goes to the location containing the user.

The following information is also displayed:

  • Fax number

  • TeamDesk group

  • E-mail

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