Update and upgrade

For a major release upgrade (version upgrade, e.g. from V8 to V9), proceed as follows.


  • Before updating, please refer to the Server system requirements.

  • For example, Windows 2012 (R2) is no longer supported since XPhone Connect 9.


Before upgrading, always create a backup using the backup manager.


After the upgrade, the service account must be entered again in the XPhone Connect Server Manager. Otherwise it could lead to the fact that an access to server-side connected Exchange contact folders does not work any more.

  1. Before or after the version upgrade, the licenses must be updated. A V8 server also works with V9 licenses, so it is recommended to do this before the upgrade.

  2. From the installation source, launch server\setup.exe to start the installation-assist.

    • All server prerequisites must be updated.

  3. Next, the Setup of XPhone Connect Server starts. Select the components to be installed. [1]

  4. After installation, start the XPhone Connect Server. At the first start the database tables are updated.


If you are using an outsourced SQL server: After the update/upgrade, check the Application Pool Identity of XPhoneConnectAnalytics in IIS Manager. It must contain an Active Directory User. For more information, see chapter SQL Server Offloading - Procedure for Analytics.

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