This diagramme lists all services used for UM. If the general settings are changed for UM, you may need to restart certain services in some cases. The XPhone Connect Server automatically recognizes this fact and checkmarks the services that need to be restarted with an exclamation mark. In addition, the menu item “Services” is highlighted in red in the left-hand view. After finishing the configuration, start the services via the Start all button. A started service has a green LED; a stopped service has a red LED.

The web surface updates a changed service status automatically.


Keep in mind that restarting services aborts running transmissions (e.g. fax transmission or recording of voice messages). You should therefore take care when choosing when to perform a restart.

Changing of user settings for UM does not require the services to be restarted.

With the check box Automatically restart stopped services, the UM services are monitored and restarted if required.

To be able to start the CAPI-based services voicemail player, voicemail, fax reception and fax sending, a license of type XPhone Connect B-channel must be present. Keep also in mind that the CAPI interface (CAPI driver) must be installed and configured to start the mentioned services.


Each listed service provides a logging option. To open the respective protocol, simply click the logging button for the service. A new dialogue opens with the following buttons:

  • Select log file (link to other service loggings)

  • Update log file

  • Download log files (downloads loggings and *.zip file)

  • Delete log files

The corresponding log can be viewed and copied in the main window and allows a first analysis.

You can set the activation and deactivation of the logging and the degree of logging detail in System settings > Logging > UM services > Logging.

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