E-mail gateway


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Settings for sending e-mail (e.g. for emails from the UM or telephone services) can be made here. There is a difference between internal and external e-mail servers.

E-mail server

The email gateway must be configured if the XPhone Connect Server is to send emails to external SMTP addresses. The email gateway is in charge of actual dispatching the emails (SmartHost) and must therefore be connected to the Internet. The email gateway is required, for example, by the UM services or the email caller notification during absence.

With the corresponding check box, you can select if the external email server requires an SMTP authentication or an SMTP encryption.

External E-mail server

Enter host name or IP address and port of the external email server.

If the external message memory requires an SMTP authentication, login name and password must be entered when activating this option.

If the email server requires an SMTP encryption, set the corresponding tick and select either SSL or TLS.

Sender ID

The sender ID can be set up separately for UM and telephone services (e.g. notification of missed calls) and Meetings (e.g. reminder shortly before the meeting commences).

This parameter is entered as sender address in all e-mail notifications sent by the XPhone Connect Server. You should only change this parameter if the e-mail server that is forwarding the messages requires a certain sender format. This will be the case, for example, if the domain for the sender address is used as a security feature. All input formats that meet the format requirements of an SMTP sender address are allowed.

Advanced settings


Only change these settings when advised to do so by product support.

Check settings & send test email

Click the Save & Send test email button to test the connection with the settings. The check that the test email was received in the address inbox.

Customize Email Reminders Templates

The templates for XPhone Connect Server reminders for scheduled meetings can be customized. (Restriction: Only static texts can be changed, but not the placeholders. Changes must be made in each language).

These elements can be changed or added:

  • Company name

  • Logo

  • Email subject

  • Sender ID (XPhone Connect Server Administration -> System Settings -> Email Gateway -> Sender ID Meetings)

  • Headings and content

  • Formatting

  • Order of dial-in data

  • Customization for different languages (2 languages possible in one email)

  • The templates are stored on the XPhone Connect Server under: <servername>\XPhone Connect Server\MailTemplates\System\:

    <servername>\XPhone Connect Server\MailTemplates\System\

    The XML files must be copied from the directory and pasted one level up to <servername>\XPhone Connect Server\MailTemplates\. These copies can be edited and will then be used by the server when sending the reminders.

Note about logo/graphic in the email:

A graphic must be embedded via HTML, e.g. with

  • <img src="http://www.mycompany.com/images/logos/mylogo.gif" alt="Logo" />.

The image appears in the e-mail, e.g. in Outlook, if the recipient has entered the sender as a secure sender, otherwise the recipient is usually prompted by Outlook to manually reload the file for security reasons.

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