Connectors synchronise data from external Active Directories unidirectionally with the XPhone Connect Server. They ensure that mass data such as user lists do not have to be maintained manually in the user management module of XPhone Connect Server. Connectors can be run manually or time-controlled.

Information in this chapter:

Rules for data synchronisation

  • Existing (manually created) users: Users are only changed if they were created by a connector.

  • A connector marks users that were copied in to the XPhone Connect Server configuration. If a user was not found after more than three connector runs, the user is deleted in the XPhone Connect Server.


  • To create Windows logins for users via connectors, the server running the XPhone Connect Server must be a member of the domain.

  • Click the update icon top right to view the progress of a running connector. You will then see the progress of the connector cycle in the status column in percent.


Also make sure that the XPhone Connect Directory index updates and connector synchronization are not run parallel if possible. This can lead to high CPU usage.

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