A satellite is a virtual machine with Linux as the operating system. The XCC can be outsourced to the satellite to take load off the XPhone Connect server.

This virtual machine is provided pre-configured by C4B as Download.

The IP address of the satellite can be configured manually or via DHCP.

Initially, only a Satellite Bridge is preinstalled on this Linux satellite. The counterpart is the Satellite Management Module and is located on the XPhone Server. The communication between the SatelliteManagementModule and the SatelliteBridge takes place via gRPC (encrypted).


  • In order for XPhone Server and Satellite to communicate, rules may need to be set up in the customer firewall.

  • A complete list of all communication ports can be found in the Port overview.

When the satellite is put into operation, the XCC is installed by the XPhone Server. And every time the XPhone Server is started, it checks whether the XCC needs to be updated (and updates it if necessary).

The following can be executed on the satellite via the gRPC interface:

  • Start and stop the service (XCC) on the satellite.

  • Transfer and install update files.

  • Download log files.

  • Set iptables firewall rules.

The Satellite Bridge is also a Linux console program to administer the satellite:

  • Automatic startup/connect.

  • Assign a static IP address to the satellite.

  • Disconnect satellite from XPhone Server.

  • Reset satellite to C4B Factory settings.

  • Reset firewall.

  • Open log files.


The used features AnyDevice/Softphone, Meeting, TeamDesk are set up as usual.

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