Calendar synchronization

You can find all Outlook or Notes appointments, reminders & XPhone meetings in the XPhone Connect Client > Appointment View > Agenda. The appointments can be opened directly from the client in Outlook or Notes.

In addition, depending on the settings, presence profiles and, if necessary, call forwarding can be activated automatically on the basis of the appointments.

These appointments are transferred to the XPhone Connect Client via calendar synchronization. The following explains how to configure client- and server-side calendar synchronization.

Client-side calendar synchronization


For client-side calendar synchronization with Outlook, proceed as follows:

Office 365

For client-side calendar synchronization with Office 365, proceed as follows:

  • Log in to the Office 365 Admin Center with an authorized user: (link

    • Navigate to Azure Active Directory > Manage > App Registration.

    • Add a new app:

      • Assign a display name.

      • Save the new app.

      • Make a note of the Application ID.

      • Make a note of the Directory ID.

      • Click on the link Add redirect URI.

        • In the next step, select Add Platform and Mobile Device and Desktop Applications.

        • You will now be offered redirection URIs. Select a redirect URI starting with https (e.g.…).

        • Complete your configuration by clicking Configure.

  • In XPhone Web Administration, navigate to System settings > Graph-API > Calendar synchronization.

    • Create a new application.

    • Enter the following information:

      • Displayed name

      • Application ID (Client)

      • Directory ID (client)

  • Calendar synchronization is configured under User management > Location/Configuration group > Presence management in section Settings for calendar synchronisation > Calendar synchronization settings.

    • Select the radio button Synchronization is performed locally by Outlook or Notes client

    • Activate the checkbox Allow Office 365 synchronization

    • Select the Graph API application that is registered for Office 365 matching

  • XPhone Connect users must enter their Office 365 account for calendar synchronization and authorize XPhone to access their Office 365 account.

    • The corresponding window opens automatically for XPhone clients.
      • XPhone requests the following permissions:

        • Log in the user with the Office 365 account and read their profile.

        • Read basic profiles of all users.

        • Full access to the user calendar.

        • User mailbox settings read and write.

        • Read and write access to user emails.

        • Lese- und Schreibzugriff auf Benutzer-E-Mails.


For client-side calendar synchronization with Notes, proceed as follows:

Calendar synchronisation on the server side

For server-side calendar synchronization with Microsoft Exchange, proceed as follows:

  • Configure the XPhone Server and the Exchange Server according to the following instructions:

  • During server installation, Outlook must be selected as the MAPI interface:

  • A released Outlook client must be installed on the Windows operating system, of the XPhone server.


    Licensing and installation of Outlook Client is done by the customer or the partner.

  • In Server Manager the service account must be configured with the special MAPI permissions.

  • Calendar synchronization is configured in User management > Location/Configuration group > Presence management in section Settings for calendar synchronisation > Method for calendar synchronization.

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