Under System settings > Telephony & Meetings > Telephony > CTI the CTI connections to the PBXs are created. The specified connection has already been set up via the initial setup wizard. If necessary, you can connect further PBXs. Please refer to the respective Connection instructions. Also refer to the list of released PBXs.

  1. Name of a line

    Now set how the name of a main line or an additional line should be built up.

  2. Set up connection to PBX

    Here you create or edit the interface from XPhone Connect Server to the PBX.

  3. Create line

    Lines can be created manually, or created via the connector function. Additionally, you can create multiple lines via lines, via PBX node. The Lines folder contains all lines created manually or by a connector / PBX node. It is a pool that defines which lines are available to users. However, the assignment of which line may be used by which user is not defined here, but in the telephony properties of the respective user or via a connector. The simplest case is the 1:1 mapping between a line and a user.

  4. Enable TAPI interface

    The XPhone Connect Server can be used as a TAPI server for third-party applications. The XPhone TSP must be installed on the application computers (32 or 64 bit Windows) for this purpose. The corresponding setup can be found on the XPhone Connect installation medium in the folder Software > TAPI Service Provider.


Please also see our Video Tutorial on this topic.

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