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An XPhone Connect Mobile user literally has his office phone in his pocket. The user can chat with work colleagues via an XPhone Connect Mobile app, has access to his company journal (calls, faxes, voicemails as well as chat messages), can make outgoing calls to customers or colleagues and has access to the company address book. With push notifications, the user can be informed about new chat messages, (missed) company calls, new voicemails or new faxes on their smartphone.

XPhone Connect configuration

For a data exchange between the XPhone Connect Server and XPhone Connect Mobile to happen, some configuration steps are necessary in the XPhone Connect Server and in the IT infrastructure.

  1. Open the XPhone Connect Server administrator: System settings > General > Mobile App.

  2. Two URLs are entered here, which must also be accessible from the Internet:

    • URL for access by XPhone Mobile App

      This URL is for all XPhone Connect Mobile functions except telephony.

    • URL for access to XPhone web API for telephony in the mobile app

      This URL is required for using telephony in the mobile app such as device selection and Softphone Mobile.


      After an update to XPhone Connect 9, this URL is not configured for the time being, even if the settings for using the Mobile App were configured in the old version.

  3. Enter an externally accessible URL in the corresponding field (e.g.: https://[]/xphoneconnect/mobile). Note the HTTPS configuration on the IIS.

  4. Make sure that this external URL is accessible from the internet (note the different hosting variants).

  5. The user can find this address in his XPhone Connect Client settings in the item Mobile client, which is required for the configuration in a smartphone.

  6. To enable push notifications of softphone mobile calls, new chat, fax and voicemail messages, and missed calls to mobile clients, the Enable push notification checkbox must be set.

    • Optionally, the Ckeckbox Use proxy settings for sending push notifications can also be set. For this, configure the proxy server under System settings > General > Proxy settings.


    Of course, users can disable push notifications in the XPhone Connect Mobile app.

  7. Make sure that the firewall (or proxy server) used allows outgoing Internet connections from XPhone Connect Server to ports 80, 443, 2195 and 2196 via TCP. See also Outgoing push connections.


The XPhone Connect Server login is required for operating the Mobile Client and must be configured for each user in User account > Login types.


Configuration in a smartphone

Installing the XPhone Connect Mobile app from the corresponding App Store:

Smartphone app available for:

  • iOS

  • Android

Search for XPhone Connect Mobile in the corresponding app and install it.

Access data:

After successful installation of the XPhone Connect Mobile app, the access information must be entered.

  1. Start the XPhone Connect Client of the user using the corresponding smartphone and click Settings > Mobile client in the top right. You will be shown a QR code.

  2. Start the app on your smartphone. The access information is required upon first start. Scan the displayed QR code:

    1. To do this, tap Scan access information (You may have to enable the app to access the camera first).

    2. Now point the camera of your smartphone to the QR code and wait until the camera focuses on the QR code and scans it.

  3. Now enter your password in the smartphone. If you do not know the password, you can assign a new XPhone Connect Client password. To do this, click Change in the XPhone Connect Client under Settings > Mobile client > Password.

  4. Now tap Login.

Editing access information:

If you want to scan the access information again, tap Settings (gear icon)at the top right in the started XPhone Connect Mobile app on the start page. Here, select Show login dialogue and proceed as described above from point 2.a.

Push notifications

Activate and deactivate

XPhone Connect Mobile App

  1. Start the app on your smartphone.

  2. On the Start page, tap Settings (gear icon) at the top right. Activate (default) the corresponding events for push notifications or deactivate them here.

  3. The settings are saved automatically.

XPhone Connect Server

  1. Start the XPhone Connect Server administrator

  2. Enable or disable push notification on the server side under System settings > General > Mobile App.

  3. Then click Save.

Outgoing connections

The concept and the outgoing addresses (ports, URLs, protocols …) for the push notifications can be found in the following chapter: Push notification

Changing the destination port for iOS push notifications

If desired, it is possible to use an alternative port 2197 instead of 443. In this case, in addition to the settings for the firewall shares, port 2197 must also be configured in XPhone Connect Server. To do this, open the PushProxy subdirectory in the XPhone Connect Server program directory (by default: C\Programs\C4B\XPhone Connect Server).There you will find the file appsettings.json. Open this file with a text editor.

      "AppSettings": {
            "Secret": "XXX",
            "C4BPushCertificatesApi": "",
            "C4BPushCertificatesApiTimeoutInSeconds": 30,
            "CertCachePeriodInMinutes": 1440,
            "ApplePushNotificationService": "",
            "PushRequestTimeoutInSeconds": 30
      "Logging": {
            "LogLevel": {
              "Default": "Information",
              "Microsoft": "Warning",
              "Microsoft.Hosting.Lifetime": "Information"
      "AllowedHosts": "*"
  • Modify the URL:

    • from:

    • to:

  • Save the changes and then open the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager on the XPhone Connect Server.

    • e.g. via the XPhone Connect Server Manager under Tools > IIS Manager….

  • In the IIS Manager, select the Application Pool item and select XPhoneConnectPushProxy in the list of application pools.

  • Stop and start the highlighted application pool.

Softphone Mobile

When using Softphone Mobile, the audio media (voice data) must come to the XCC via any path. The technology used for this is WebRTC.


Here you can read which concepts can be used for media streams in the infrastructure: Media data streams and signaling.

Follow the Connection instructions of the XCC for external media.

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