Small to medium-sized teams of 3-50 persons can be organised and evaluated using TeamDesk. All inbound calls to the team hotline are automatically or manually routed to a free coworker (team member) as fast as possible during defined office hours.

The coworkers plan their availability largely independently; team-wide status displays and information features help to detect and remedy bottlenecks. This process enables team leaders to maintain control while the evaluation of actions and times is the responsibility of the analyst.

Collaboration by and availability of teams are improved overall and the analysis by Analytics also offers the opportunity of further optimisation when handling hotline calls.


  1. An external party calls a configured waiting field.

  2. The XCC answers the call and forwards the media to the called waiting field.

  3. The waiting field calls the AnyDevice 1 and signals it at the Client 1.

  4. The waiting field calls the Softphone Client 3.

  5. Client 1 and 3 receive the waiting field signalling.

  6. Agent 1 (Client 1) accepts the call at AnyDevice 1, thus the external caller’s media is connected to AnyDevice 1.


For more information regarding the setup, see the TeamDesk chapter.


Meaningful analyses and statistics presentations can be generated for companies with the business intelligence module XPhone Connect Analytics. Based on detailed information and expressive Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), the availability of various teams can be analysed and improved. Identification of load peaks permits optimised deployment of personnel. Comparison periods help to quickly detect and graphically present changes.

The statistics module answers numerous questions that are strategically important for business success of customers - for all departments across companies.


For more information regarding the setup, see the Analytics chapter.



  • If you have already set up AnyDevice, Softphone Desktop/Mobile or Meeting, points 1 and 2 do not apply.

  • TeamDesk users can use office phones, AnyDevice or Softphone Desktop/Mobile.

In order to set AnyDevice and Softphone Desktop into operation, various configuration steps are necessary. The following list will help you with the start-up.

  1. XPhone Call Controller
  2. Create SIP Trunk
    • System settings > Telephony & Meetings > Telephony > SIP: Configure a SIP trunk for Meetings.

  3. Create a TeamDesk Group
    • Configure the members and their roles.

  4. Configure a TeamDesk dial-in number in the SIP trunk.
    • You could not set up the TeamDesk dial-in numbers in step 2. because no TeamDesk group existed yet.

  5. Configure the TeamDesk group hotline

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