Welcome to the XPhone Connect Analytics Manual!

The “XPhone Connect Analytics” Business Intelligence Module enables analysis of your corporate telephony at the touch of a button and presentation in clearly-structured overviews and statistics. Based on comprehensive graphics and expressive Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), the availability of various teams can be analysed and improved. Identification of load peaks permits optimised deployment of personnel. Flexibly definable comparison periods help in swiftly detecting changes and responding accordingly.

Analytics provides answers to a variety of questions of relevance for business success:

  • How was the call volume over time?

  • What was the average call like?

  • How was the hotline reachable?

  • How was the accessibility of the team members?

  • How quickly were calls answered?

  • How was the average call volume over the course of the week and day?

  • When were the most calls missed?

  • How was the availability of the hotline staff?

  • How was the call volume of the employees?

  • How was the call duration of the employees?

  • What has been the impact of personnel changes? Is there any improvement/deterioration compared to the same period in the previous year?

  • Historic data: What was the call volume in the previous year, e.g. between holidays?


Analytics provides team leaders with valid data on the telephony behavior of their teams in order to derive potential for improvement. This is supported across departments, across the company, and even across PBXs and locations. However, Analytics is NOT suitable for monitoring hunt groups or ACDs of telephone systems. This is not possible for technical reasons, as the telephone system’s waiting field cannot be monitored across manufacturers. For this purpose, V8 offers the solution with TeamDesk. With TeamDesk, a hunt group or ACD can be replaced and the teams can be fully evaluated with Analytics.

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