XPhone Connect TAPI is a TAPI service provider (TSP), which provides the lines of the XPhone Connect Server for TAPI-compatible Windows applications.

The XPhone Connect TAPI is delivered with separate setups for 32 and 64 bit Windows operating systems. The scope of application includes desktop PCs, terminal servers and application servers.

Licensing / authorisation


Allocation of licenses for XPhone Connect TAPI is line-dependent. Each line created on the XPhone Connect Server which is used by TAPI clients uses an XPhone Connect TAPI license. Once used, the licenses are tied to the lines. In the XPhone Connect Server, the licenses for XPhone Connect TAPI for all lines already used are shown in System settings > Licenses > Lines.


Each user always has full rights within his own lines. Depending on his relationships, he has limited rights on lines of other users. XPhone Connect TAPI can only use lines if an appropriate license was allocated to them.

Configuration of the XPhone Connect Server

To operate XPhone Connect TAPI, an XPhone Connect Server from version 5.0 is required that has integrated TAPI server functionality. Pay particular attention to the configuration of the TAPI node under System settings > Telephony & Meetings > Telephony > TAPI.

Installation of XPhone Connect TAPI


Separate setups for 32 and 64 bit Windows operating systems are available for the installation of XPhone Connect TAPI. The TSP of 32 and 64 bit TAPI applications can be used on 64 bit systems.

The XPhone Connect TAPI setup only starts if Microsoft.NET Framework 4.8 is installed. If required, this installation package can be downloaded from the Microsoft web page.

The configuration interface for the TSP is started automatically after setup. Now enter the access parameters for the XPhone Connect and select one of three connection types. You can check if the entry is valid with the Test connection button. The configuration is completed with OK.

After successful installation, you can see the start menu item XPhone Connect TAPI. Since XPhone Connect TAPI can be operated on a terminal server, it is possible to create several XPhone Connect TAPI configuration for different XPhone Connect Servers. See Installation on Windows Terminal server. All created XPhone Connect TAPI configuration are listed. The configuration can be changed later with the Configure button. XPhone Connect TAPI is removed from the list of telephone providers with the Remove button.

XPhone Connect Server access parameters

Enter the IP address or the host name of the XPhone Connect Server and the port. The default port value is 2230. The firewall must be configured so that the workstation computer can reach the XPhone Connect Server on this port.

Operating mode “User on individual workstation”

XPhone Connect TAPI is installed on a workstation computer on which only one user can be logged in at any time.

The TSP provides all lines for which the logged in user has authorisation. These include the user’s own lines with full rights and the lines of team members with rights depending on the team relationship.

User at individual workstations can log into the XPhone Connect in two ways. The respective login type must be set up on the XPhone Connect Server by the administrator. If the computer is used by multiple users, we recommend to use the Windows login.

Windows login:
Lines are always shown for the user of the active session.
The visible lines are adapted dynamically to the active user during fast user switching.
Lines with limited authorisation can also be shown. However, consider that they are only shown but cannot be used.
XPhone Connect Server login:
All users work with the lines of the permanently configured user.
The visible lines are then not switched dynamically.
This login is only recommended if only one user works with this computer.

Dynamic lines

Dynamic lines are also supported in the User on individual workstation operating mode. You can find more information in the XPhone Connect Server administration manual.

Operating mode “User on terminal server”

XPhone Connect TAPI is installed on a terminal server on which several users can be logged in at the same time.


This operating mode is only provided if XPhone Connect TAPI was actually installed on a terminal server!

XPhone Connect Server login

In the User on Terminal Server operating mode, only the XPhone Connect Server logon type is offered. The login data of the TAPI node configured in XPhone Connect Server must be entered here. All user lines of the server are made available without rights check. Each TAPI line can be used by all TAPI clients of the computer without restriction.

Authorisation check

If the additional rights restriction Dialling, hanging up and callback is only activated for authorised users, all active calls for line or call control are checked for rights. This requires that the Windows login is set up on the XPhone Connect Server for each user accordingly. Users can be identified with their Windows login only in this way. The line authorisation of the users are controlled with the team relationships. The rights matrix in Teams in the server manual provides an overview.

Operating mode “Server application”

XPhone Connect TAPI is installed on a computer running a TAPI-compatible server application. The server application acts as TAPI client that want to use all user lines of the XPhone Connect Server without checking rights. It is the responsibility of the server application how and with which authorisations the telephony functions are passed on the its own clients.

With the option User and system lines it is sufficient to create the lines under System settings > Telephony & Meetings > Telephony > Lines. No rights check is carried out in the connection mode “Server applications”.

XPhone Connect Server login

Only the login type XPhone Connect Server login is offered in the operating mode Server application. The login credentials of the TAPI node configured in the XPhone Connect Server must be entered here. All user lines of the server are provided without a rights verification.


Logging can be activated and set for different levels. Keep in mind here that the OK button must be clicked first before the changed for logging are applied. The Show protocol button opens the folder with the protocol files in Windows Explorer.

Telephone and modem options

For the function of the TSP, it is necessary to fill in the location information in the telephone and modem options. You can find these settings either in System settings or in the start menu XPhone Connect TAPI configuration. In this configuration programme, select File > Telephone and modem options.

The XPhone Connect TAPI service provider is listed in the telephone and modem options and can be configured here. If the TSP is operated on a terminal server with several instances of the TSP configured, the XPhone Connect TAPI service provider listed correspondingly often in the list of providers. To be able to distinguish which configuration is wet up, the XPhone Connect TAPI configuration must be activated in the start menu. All configurations are listed here.

Installation on terminal servers

The XPhone Connect TAPI service provider (TSP) can also be operated on a terminal server. This allows in particular the connection of several instances of the XPhone Connect TAPI on the same terminal server with different XPhone Connect Servers so that the available TAPI lines can be assigned to individual users on the terminal server.

XPhone Connect TAPI in several instances

After standard installation of XPhone Connect TAPI, the TAPI service provider appears in the list of telephone providers once (Control panel > Telephone and model).

With the Add… button, the XPhone Connect TAPI service provider appears in the list of providers and can be added again and configured separately. When configuring, make sure that the User on terminal server mode is used and that the option Dialling, hanging up and callback only for authorised users is switched off.

This procedure can be performed several times.

All lines are now available to all XPhone Connect users without authorisation verification without further action. To assign lines especially to individual users, the terminal server must be operated as telephony server. See below Terminal server as telephony server.

All saved configurations are shown with Start > Programmes > XPhone Connect TAPI > XPhone Connect TAPI configuration. You can distinguish between the different configurations here. There, each configuration is only shown as XPhone Connect TAPI service provider in the list of providers.

Terminal server as telephony server

Open the management console the command tapimgmt.msc with local administration rights to configure the terminal server as telephony server. You will see an overview of all installed TAPI service providers. Select Properties in the context menu of the server (right click). There, add one or more users as telephony administrators first and then activate the telephony server function (check at the top).

Log into the terminal server with a telephony administrator account and start this management console again with tapimgmt.msc. The list of provided lines is shown for each TAPI service provider, which can now be assigned to users of the terminal service: Select user > Context menu (right click) > Edit user > Add.

Only users that were assigned lines in this way can work with TAPI-compatible applications on the terminal server. See also lines assigned to them. You can see the assigned users after the line name in the list of TAPI service provider lines.

Important note on XPhone Connect TAPI connection with SAP

If the SAPPhone Server cannot assign the TAPI lines during SAPPhone integration, the following registry entry is required. For SAPPhone, it is important that only the extension is listed with the address of the line. This must be set with the XPhone Connect TAPI registry.

  1. The entry in the registry must be made according to configuration of the TSP.

  2. The entry must be made where the XPhone TSP was installed, i.e. the SAPPhone Server:




    • Name:


    • Type:


    • Value:

    Add the hexadecimal value 1000 to the existing flags value to activate the feature. The value remains even when settings of the TSP are changed. Thus, if the value was 0, you would enter the (hexadecimal) value 1000.

Function overview

XPhone Connect TAPI provides a consistently defined subset of the Microsoft TAPI interface.

Supported TAPI functions










li neDevSpecificFeature










lin eGetConfRelatedCalls










l ineGetStatusMessages






lin eNegotiateAPIVersion

lin eNegotiateExtVersion



lineRegi sterRequestRecipient

line RemoveFromConference






lineSet CallQualityOfService


li neSetCurrentLocation

l ineSetStatusMessages








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