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Installation notes


Please note the System requirements before installation!


Please activate the Printer Queue (Spooler) in Windows Services for Windows 11 / Windows Server 2022 if you want to install the XPhone Fax printer driver. Furthermore you should set the startup type to Automatic. Otherwise, the XPhone Connect Fax printer driver cannot be installed.

Note on installing an XPhone Connect Client on an XPhone Connect Server computer

We strongly advise not to install an XPhone Connect Client on a XPhone Connect Server computer in parallel. This is not recommended by C4B Support.

However, should it be necessary to do so for test purposes, the following points must be taken into consideration during installation:

  • Only the XPhone Connect Client may be selected for the installation features; Outlook integration, fax printer drivers, etc. may not be installed as well.

  • During the XPhone Connect Client installation, the XPhone Connect Server service or other dependent tools must not be started.

  • The XPhone Connect Client must have the identical version of the server.

  • If the server or client is to be updated to a higher version, it must be ensured that all XPhone Connect software has been closed. Both client and server must both be updated to identical version before next use.

Note on installing in virtual environments

Notes on MAC address assignment

If an XPhone Connect Server is virtualized and the image is moved between hardware servers, this can lead to the MAC address of the XPhone Connect Server changing if the virtualization environment is configured accordingly. In this case, the licenses become invalid.

To avoid this, the MAC address of the XPhone Connect Server image must be statically assigned. In Hyper-V environments, static assignment can also be done via the SCVMM service (System Center Virtual Machine Manager).

Notes about XCAPI on a Xen Server

The (Windows) server on which XCAPI is installed must be manually assigned a MAC address in the following format:


The values XX must be replaced accordingly (freely selectable) by the customer.

The first 3 digits are XEN specific and XCAPI recognizes the virtual system. The server must be restarted. After that, a “Virtual ID” can be read out in the XCAPI configuration (as with the “normal” VMware). The license must be requested as always with this Virtual ID

Upgrade from XPhone Connect Server to a new main version


It is necessary to retrieve your licenses again after upgrading to a new major version (e.g. from V8 to V9). If you have subsequently purchased Up2Date coverage or a OneTime upgrade, please retrieve your licenses again before running the setup. For information on licenses, see: licenses.


When updating an application to a new major version (affects servers and clients), Setup automatically uninstalls the previous application and reinstalls the respective new application. After the server update, the service account under which the server is to run must then be configured again. However, the last set feature selection of the server installation is retained.


The software is available for download on the C4B homepage. Unpack the compressed file and start the XPhone Connect Server Setup from the directory XPhoneConnect_V9_0_XXX\Software\Server\setup.exe. The installation wizard starts followed by the XPhone Connect Server setup. If the operating system meets the requirements, the following window appears, otherwise a note appears.

Installation wizard


The Installation wizard opens. If you do not use an approved operating system or the current service pack, the corresponding notification will appear. The following window appears if the operating system complies with the requirements:


MAPI selection

This shows you a selection of options depending on whether or which MAPI is already installed:



Please also note the MAPI connection instructions.

Operating mode

In the following window, you can select one of three operating modes:

  • XPhone Connect as UC solution

    In this operating mode, you can use all features offered for XPhone Connect including directory services (XPhone Connect Directory).

  • XPhone Connect as Directory service

    This operating mode provides you with the features for server-side database connection of a wide variety of external data sources.


    In this operating mode it is not possible to install features such as telephony, fax, voicemail, auto attendant, presence etc. at a later date. If there is a possibility that at least one of the mentioned features should be used later, we strongly recommend to choose the operating mode XPhone Connect as UC solution, because XPhone Connect as Directory Service” is also part of XPhone Connect as UC solution.

  • XPhone Connect as Web service

    This operating mode allows you to install the web applications on a separate computer.


    Web-Anwendungen auf separatem Rechner- Description for installation of web applications (Analytics, Mobile, Web-Meeting, UMSettings) on separate machine (DMZ).

Furthermore, two installation modes are available:

  • Complete

    All components required for operation of the XPhone Connect Solution are installed automatically. Necessary restarts of the operating systems are done automatically. Input from the administrator is not required.

  • Customised

    The components required for operation of XPhone Connect can be installed by activating the setups manually.



The components shown below are installed (user-defined or automatically) for XPhone Connect operation. During the complete installation, you have the option to cancel or pause the installation.


These components are automatically installed one after the other when you select the Automatic installation mode. With User defined you can have the components installed automatically one after the other via the Install all button or one after the other from top to bottom.


You may be prompted for a Windows system restart.



All required components of the Microsoft Internet Information Service (IIS) are installed on the next page:


Optional components

Select whether you want to install Open SSH and/or UCMA 5.0.


SQL Server

The next dialogue installs two Microsoft SQL Server Express instances and possibly the SQL Server Management Studio:


    In this instance, all data of the XPhone Connect Server is saved.


    In this instance, the data for the statistics module XPhone Connect Analytics is saved.


If you want to use existing SQL server, select User defined as the installation mode.


Please install XPhone Connect Server with both SQL server instances suggested by the installation wizard even if you want to run it later with an external SQL server. If the XPhone Connect Server does not have the local instance for the Connect Server data during initial startup, problems will arise when changing the account under which the server service is run, which in turn is a prerequisite for accessing the external SQL server.


Workaround: If, however, the problem referred to above arises, the XPhone Connect Server Manager can also be executed with another user account which has access to your own SQL Server. If Windows does not offer the Execute as other user option in the context menu, it can be activated in the registry. A description can be found, e.g. here. The Server Manager user can now change the service account in his own database.



IP-CAPI (optional)

On the following page you can optionally install the IP-based CAPI XCAPI. This is only required if you use the Fax or Voicemail feature. Note that for XCAPI corresponding licenses must be purchased from C4B.


XPhone Call Controller

The installation of Wireshark and Npcap is recommended. With npcap network traces can be created for the SIP gateways. These may be necessary, e.g. for support requests for XCC conferences or AnyDevice / Softphone. Only network information for the local port of the SIP gateway is recorded.

These trace files can be analysed with Wireshark.


A Remote network trace is also possible with Wireshark.


Microsoft Skype for Business extension

If you use XPhone Connect as an extension for Microsoft Skype for Business, activate the corresponding option. Refer to the chapter Start-up of Skype for Business for the configuration and installation on the Skype for Business Servers.



Finally, activate the setup of the XPhone Connect Server:


Setup of XPhone Connect Server

The setup for the XPhone Connect as UC solution operating mode now appears:


Select the features you want to use now. It is possible to add features with Control panel > Add Programs and features:


Here you can see all the features in detail:



Deactivate the features that you do not intend to license or use. On the other hand, starting unlicensed features, for example, may result in error messages in the XPhone Connect Server and Windows Event Log.

When the setup is complete, you can start the XPhone Connect Server Manager.


After the setup has been completed, the XPhone Connect Server Manager is automatically called, provided that the corresponding option has been selected at the end of the setup. The XPhone Connect Server service is not started, e.g. to make changes to the database connection (atlas.xml) or to change the service account. If you do not want to make any settings to the service account, click Start. After the service has been started completely, you can begin with the XPhone Connect Server configuration. To do this, click XPhone Connect Server under Administration. The web-based administration page opens.



When you open the web administration for the first time the Wizard for initial setup appears.

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