Troubleshooting Softphone Mobile

In XPhone Connect Mobile there is a client side diagnostic option for Softphone Mobile:

  • Open XPhone Connect Mobile.

  • Log the user in to the app.

  • Navigate to Menu > Settings > Show diganose options > Softphone Mobile Diagnostics.

  • The connection test is performed automatically.

  • Run the test again or send the connection log via any app.

The following section identifies potential problems and associated behaviors.

  1. API is not working.

    If devices are configured and visible in XPhone Desktop Client but not in Mobile Client (error message No devices configured), then Mobile Client probably cannot connect to the client api.

    Possible causes:

    • WebAPI url missing in admin interface.

    • WebAPI url in admin interface is wrong.

    • Access to WebAPI is blocked by firewall.

    • WebAPI cannot connect with XPhoneServer.

    • WebAPI has got a wrong or outdated certificate assigned.


    An example for the invalid certificate problem is a Let’s Encrypt certificate with an expired root certificate. This is accepted by iOS, but not by Android. In this case the admin has to choose the correct certificate chain on the server. This can be done with the tool certbot. For NGNIX the command looks like this:

    certbot --nginx -d FQDN --preferred-chain "ISRG Root X1"

    (more about certbot can be found here

  2. Api is reachable, but EventHub is not working.

    You can see the devices in the list of XPhone Mobile Client. If you select it, it will be updated in XPhone Desktop client, but not in Mobile Client. With this behavior the Api gets calls from the XPhone Mobile Client, but it can’t send an event back. This can happen for example when using ReverseProxy servers.

    If ngnix is used as ReverseProxy, adding the X-Accel_Buffering header (value = no) to the WebClientApi web application in IIS could help.

  3. Api and Event Hub work, but WebRTC (audio transmission) does not work.

    You can start an outgoing call from XPhone Connect Mobile, the call screen opens and it is ended immediately afterwards. Or there is a dial tone and the media is not connected, although the other party has answered. These behaviors show that there are problems with telephony or with the connection to XCC.

    To analyze these problems, more logs and traces are needed.

  4. Incoming calls are not signaled when the app is not running.

    You can make outgoing and incoming calls, but only when the app is started

    This behavior indicates missing push notifications. When this happens, chat, missed call and other push notifications will probably not arrive either.

    This could be because the push URLs are blocked by a firewall.


    See also Push notification.

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