Here you select the interface via which MWI (message waiting indication) is to be activated for new voicemails. For XCAPI on Unify PBXs such as Openscape Business, select CTI interface (note the corresponding Connection instructions). If MWI is possible when using the XCAPI interface with the used telephone system, please refer to the documentation Interoperability List provided by TE-Systems.


CAPI Suppl. Services was for the connection via the ISDN card Dialogic Diva. However, this is no longer supported.

The methods CAPI suppl. services, CAPI through code, CTI interface and Do not use MWI are available.

  • CAPI Suppl. Services activates/deactivates MWI with the function provided by CAPI 2.0. The ISDN card and PBX must support this method. This variant must be set when activating via QSIG.

  • CAPI through code selects a code for activating/deactivating MWI consisting of at most thee components: The code can be adapted individually. First, select the Message Waiting Indication Provider CAPI through code and click Settings. The code consists of the following components:

    • Code: This prefix is dialled before the extension number whose MWI you wish to change.

    • Extension: The entry <<Extension>> is a variable and should not be changed here.

    • Suffix: Digits placed after the prefix and extension. This method is used with DSS1 connections.

  • CTI interface: To use the MWI function via the CTI interface, you first have to configure the CTI interface (telephone system and lines) for the respective voicemail users’ devices! Please note that the line with the number for the device where the message waiting indication is to be shown cannot be assigned to the voicemail user as a CTI line. The CTI interface of the connected telephone system must support the message waiting indication feature.


The MWI sender number must be defined under Telephone number voicemail port if a there is a central voicemail number. You can find the settings in the location settings or configuration group settings of the user management under Voicemail > Voicemail port.

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