To remove a connector, select the connector, click Delete and confirm the message with OK. If you want to cancel the process, click Cancel.


Connectors can be run on a scheduled basis, e.g. on weekday mornings before work starts. Configure the time control by specifying:

  • Weekdays

  • Time period

  • Interval


The specification of a day refers exclusively to this day, not to a change of day. For example, specifying that a connector should run from 10pm - 6am on Mondays means that it will run from 0am - 6am and 10pm - midnight every Monday. It does not mean that it will run from 10pm on Monday to 6am on Tuesday. The time control works with the local server time, the time zone used is displayed in the connector’s time control (e.g. CET, UTC+01:00)

Execute once

If you want to execute a connector once, select the connector and click Execute once. In the Status column you can see the progress (in percent).

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