With XPhone Connect Meetings (conference module), individual meeting rooms can be provided for internal as well as external telephone conferences at the touch of a button. The infrastructure of the company’s own telephone system and numbering plan is used for this purpose, so no chargeable value-added numbers are required. Conferences can be set up with more than three participants, depending on certain factors (e.g. number of external trunk lines). The participants receive an invitation to the conference by e-mail and dial in themselves.


When shutting down the XPhone Connect Server, all active SIP calls are disconnected at the XCC and existing conferences deleted.


  • Activation

    You can decide here if the conference service is to be used in general or not. If this check box is activated, the meeting icon will also appear in the groupware. At the same time, all conference licenses are applied for the number of users approved for using conferences.

  • Show conference server diagnostics.

    Shows the current status of the conference service. Furthermore, you can test or restart the conference service.

Show conference call service diagnosis

If you require more detailed information on the status of a conference service, you can run the diagnostics. To do this, simply click Show conference service diagnostics. The Conference service diagnostics window displays detailed messages which can be useful during troubleshooting. Click Test conference service to start the diagnostics or Update status to update the information in the status window.

The Conference service can be re-initialised by clicking Re-start conference service. You can then view the log in the status field of the Diagnostics window.

Performance after absence by moderator

  • Keep conference open

    The telephone conference is kept open after the moderator left until the last participant hangs up. Please keep in mind that each conference participants uses one line. By ticking this check box, you disable the moderator to close the lines.

  • Close conference with delay

    Enter the time in minutes here, during which the conference is kept open after the moderator left. When the set time elapsed, all lines of this telephone conference are disconnected. (value 0 minutes=conference is closed immediately)


  • Length of PIN

    A PIN is generated automatically for each planned conference. You can enter here, how long it is to be. The longer the more secure. Minimum length is 4 (default)

  • Automatic login

    If this check box is activated, XPhone Connect users are identified automatically by their telephone number; thus, entering the conference PIN is no longer necessary. External callers unknown to the XPhone Connect Server must always enter a conference PIN. If the conference participant was invited to several conferences taking place at the same time, the conference PIN is also required.

Advanced settings


Only change these settings when advised to do so by product support.

Advanced settings are optional and only required in special cases. If desired or required by your company structure, you can use Add to specify additional parameters, depending on the telephone system.


You can obtain parameters and values from product support. They will find out together with you, which parameters are useful for the corresponding circumstances and which values will result in a solution to the issue.

Click Apply to save the selected parameter with the set values or Cancel to discard the information. You return to the Conferences dialogue. You can add additional parameters or modify existing ones with Edit or delete parameters with Delete. Click Save again to apply the selected parameters with the set values.

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